The Unfamiliar & Other Stories

Ten bite-sized tales of terror inspired by the pandemic and its many lockdowns.

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What a wickedly surprising treat this collection was! I bought it on a whim and walked away more than satisfied when I finished. This is a brief collection, but the quality of the stories more than make up for the lack in quantity.

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If you like a good horror story, with a bit of a twist, I’d highly recommend you check this author out! This book is short, but sweet as it goes..I really loved the short, but straight into it aspect of this book. 

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This book is an exploration of the the kind of ‘what if…?’ questions we all ask ourselves from time to time. Except they’ve been explored in a gentle, dark fashion, that makes you think about them long after you’ve read them. 

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Signed Paperback Copy of The Unfamiliar & Other Stories

Please advise what you would like writing in the book, otherwise the book will be signed with no personalisation. Including postage to UK only:


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