Young widower John Gimmerick takes his daughter, Seren, to visit his childhood home in a rundown ex-mining village on the northeast coast of England.

His nostalgia soon gives way to dark memories when Seren speaks of a sinister presence that emerges from the shadows of her room each night.

John’s terror of the past intensifies when he realises his childhood sweetheart, Natasha, is the only person who can stop his little girl’s soul from being devoured by the insidious darkness that’s reawakened within the house.

Natasha’s hatred of John runs deep, and she also has everything to lose by confronting the past they’d tried hard to forget.

So how can he possibly expect her to help him?

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‘The book reminded me of some of Adam Nevill’s novels (high praise indeed!) and also J.D. Barker’s first horror novel, Forsaken (again, very high praise!) and if you enjoy creepy, psychological horror then don’t pass up on reading this book.’

Booklover Catlady Reviews

‘Dixon handles the storylines of several key characters with skill, providing them with memorable introductions and experiences before rejoining John’s narrative, until finally tying up all of the converging threads in a satisfying and chilling conclusion.’ 

Amazon Reader

‘Dixon has crafted a tale that does not skimp on the spook factor. As the players are introduced, you know that at some point they will intersect, and when they do your patience is rewarded. The chills do not disappoint and come quick and sharp. A must read for horror fans.’ 

Amazon Reader

“Fans of horror that is not over the top will enjoy reading Emergence by R. H. Dixon. The book manages to create a sense of dread without having to use gore and abstruse monstrosities. The evil is more subtle – and while there are some disturbing images, their placement is well done and will be appreciated by readers who will expect some shock value in a novel like this.”

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