The Shadow of a Shadow

After her mother’s funeral, Dracula-obsessed Catherine Hall goes to stay at her Aunt Lyrica’s B&B in Whitby, a place she used to visit often as a child. She thinks some sea air and time spent with her mother’s eccentric sister is just what she needs.

Catherine’s past is marred by a terrible secret, however. A secret shrouded in folklore. And it’s not long till Catherine finds herself immersed in a hellish nightmare in which a familiar dark presence unveils itself and preys on her every fear.

Memories of Aunt Lyrica’s daughter, the popular and outgoing teenage-runaway Calanthe Black, come crashing back, and Catherine realises she must piece together the terrifying truth of what really happened to her cousin in the summer of 2003.

Because when Catherine’s teenage sister, Summer, the family’s blue-eyed girl, unexpectedly turns up at the B&B, Catherine – now haunted by ghostly visions – can’t help but wonder: is history about to repeat itself?

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“This book is many things: Dracula tribute, character study, composition on grief and regret, ghost story and murder mystery. Normally, I’d scoff at a book attempting to be all of these things. However, Dixon deftly navigates through each facet of the story with the ease of a veteran writer. Do you like your horror novels to be dark? And awesome? Then here you go. Grade: A”

Jason Cavallaro, Horror Drive-In
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