The Cundy

Sullivan Carter Series | Book #1

This coming of age tale, set in an ex-mining village in the northeast of England in the mid-90s, blends Norse mythology and the occult. It can be read as a standalone novel.

When 13-year-old Sullivan Carter and his younger brother, Colton, are forced to hide from school bullies in the cundy (a dark tunnel in the woods), they are attacked by a terrifying creature which goes on to haunt their dreams.

Rumour has it that some older teens have been performing strange rituals at the cundy. As such, Sullivan is convinced that he and Colton are now being hunted by an ancient creature that’s been unleashed from its dark lair. A creature that’s been lurking since the time Scula the Danish Viking warlord ruled the area in the 900s.

When Colton begins to hear voices which draw him back to the cundy, he tells Sullivan he believes one of them belongs to their dead mother.

Sullivan must reach beyond his own profound grief in order to defend Colton and himself against the wily creature. 

Does he have what it takes to defeat it? Or will he need to sacrifice himself in order to save his little brother?’

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‘Once again, Dixon weaves her magic with grounded and vivid characters who evoke feelings of empathy, frustration and hope in equal measures.

Goodreads Reader

‘A feat which most authors strive for is to have the people they create come “alive”, and connect with the reader on some level. Dixon manages to do that seemingly effortlessly. Overall, I felt this was an extremely well described, atmospheric novel that showcased a boy coming-of-age to perfection.’ 

Horror After Dark

‘The cundy itself is an unusual, ominous antagonist. A formidable yet unknown quantity shrouded in darkness and local lore, it hauntingly calls to the book’s characters, preying on their individual fears and torments.’

Goodreads Reader
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