While struggling to cope with the emotional and physical impact of being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, single mother Sophie Harrington is tormented by a man from her past: her old neighbour Ronnie Cribbins.

Cribbins has been dead for fifteen years and Sophie is faced with the possibility that his malevolent spirit could be the cause of her autoimmunity, because she can feel him attacking her senses from within.

Enlisting the help of her new neighbour Piotr Kamiński, a troubled younger man with a dark past of his own, Sophie must look to her childhood in order to expose a secret she hadn’t realised she’d kept hidden. Because if she doesn’t recognise the truth she, along with her eleven-year-old daughter, will be sucked into Cribbins’ cold, black, stinking world forever.

And in Cribbins’ world there’s no medication – just pain and sickness.

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‘While the majority of Cribbins offers dread and eeriness in equal measure, the author does not hesitate to reveal Ronnie Cribbins at his most depraved and vile. Featuring gripping characters, several twists, and a supernatural terror that will crawl under your skin, R.H. Dixon’s Cribbins is a fast-paced and engaging read.’

Morbidly Beautiful

‘I found this to be an exciting new take on the way someone could be haunted.  Dixon did an excellent job of maintaining the suspense throughout the entire novel, and of weaving in little snippets of the past to keep the reader constantly thinking about how everything would end up connecting in the big picture.  The book captivated my attention from beginning to end, taking me mentally to places I would have never wished to go.’ 

Horror After Dark

‘There was times that I was holding my breath wondering what would happen to Sophie when Cribbins visited her. This was my first read by this author and I would recommend her to my friends who love a good ghost story.’ 

Terror Tree
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