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“This book is many things: Dracula tribute, character study, composition on grief and regret, ghost story and murder mystery. Normally, I’d scoff at a book attempting to be all of these things. However, Dixon deftly navigates through each facet of the story with the ease of a veteran writer. Do you like your horror novels to be dark? And awesome? Then here you go. Grade: A” – Jason Cavallaro, Horror Drive-In, The Shadow of a Shadow

‘Amazingly terrifying. This is a book that will scare the living … right out of you. I loved every minute of this page turner.  I love the way Dixon tells a story, and brings the reader right in, emotions running high, heart pounding excitement, and serious character development. I couldn’t stop reading this book, even though in some parts, you just want to look away, but you can’t.’ – Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews, The Cundy

‘Once again, Dixon weaves her magic with grounded and vivid characters who evoke feelings of empathy, frustration and hope in equal measures.’ – Goodreads Reader, The Cundy

‘A feat which most authors strive for is to have the people they create come “alive”, and connect with the reader on some level. Dixon manages to do that seemingly effortlessly. Overall, I felt this was an extremely well described, atmospheric novel that showcased a boy coming-of-age to perfection.’ – Horror After Dark, The Cundy

‘The cundy itself is an unusual, ominous antagonist. A formidable yet unknown quantity shrouded in darkness and local lore, it hauntingly calls to the book’s characters, preying on their individual fears and torments.’ – Goodreads Reader, The Cundy

‘While the majority of Cribbins offers dread and eeriness in equal measure, the author does not hesitate to reveal Ronnie Cribbins at his most depraved and vile. Featuring gripping characters, several twists, and a supernatural terror that will crawl under your skin, R.H. Dixon’s Cribbins is a fast-paced and engaging read.’ – Morbidly Beautiful, Cribbins

‘I found this to be an exciting new take on the way someone could be haunted.  Dixon did an excellent job of maintaining the suspense throughout the entire novel, and of weaving in little snippets of the past to keep the reader constantly thinking about how everything would end up connecting in the big picture.  The book captivated my attention from beginning to end, taking me mentally to places I would have never wished to go.’ – Horror After Dark, Cribbins

‘There was times that I was holding my breath wondering what would happen to Sophie when Cribbins visited her. This was my first read by this author and I would recommend her to my friends who love a good ghost story.’ – Terror Tree, Cribbins

‘The book reminded me of some of Adam Nevill’s novels (high praise indeed!) and also J.D. Barker’s first horror novel, Forsaken (again, very high praise!) and if you enjoy creepy, psychological horror then don’t pass up on reading this book.’ – Booklover Catlady Reviews, Emergence.

‘The ever-growing confusion, fear and despair of each of the trapped characters as they grappled to understand and come to terms with their reality is palpable, and the relentless onslaught of the omnipresent ravens are the icing on the maniacal cake.’ – Amazon Reader, Ravens.

‘This is a thought-provoking and vivid read that hits the ground running and continues to build in momentum, and is well worth its place in the realm of psychological horror.’ – Amazon Reader, Ravens.

‘So brilliantly written that I felt the tension throughout.’ – Amazon Reader, Ravens.

‘The plot and quality of writing were such that I was enthralled from beginning to end and, at one point, I exhaled a huge breath that I hadn’t realised I had been holding in.’ – Amazon Reader, Ravens.

‘One of those stories that will stick with you, especially if you’re in the woods.’ – Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews, Ravens.

‘The constant presence of the ravens and the whisperings of the trees set the tone of the story, which is one of being constantly on edge.’ – Amazon Reader, Ravens.

‘Dark and eerie.’ Amazon Reader, Ravens.

‘Classic horror.’ Amazon Reader, Ravens.

‘For me, one of Dixon’s main strengths as an author is her characterisation and the down-to-earth and relatable way in which she conveys each personality to her reader.’ Amazon Reader, Ravens.

‘Fans of horror that is not over the top will enjoy reading Emergence by R. H. Dixon. The book manages to create a sense of dread without having to use gore and abstruse monstrosities. The evil is more subtle – and while there are some disturbing images, their placement is well done and will be appreciated by readers who will expect some shock value in a novel like this.’ – Reader’s Favorite, Emergence.

‘Dixon has crafted a tale that does not skimp on the spook factor. As the players are introduced, you know that at some point they will intersect, and when they do your patience is rewarded. The chills do not disappoint and come quick and sharp. A must read for horror fans.’ – Amazon Reader, Emergence.

‘Emergence is a haunting and absorbing horror debut from its author, with down-to-earth, three-dimensional characters and a plot that tantalisingly evolves and keeps the reader guessing until its satisfying conclusion.’ – Amazon Reader, Emergence.

‘The characters in the story came to life and I felt as if I was living the horror with them so much so I found myself checking out the ceiling (you need to read the book). All in all a superb read.’ – Amazon Reader, Emergence.

‘Dixon handles the storylines of several key characters with skill, providing them with memorable introductions and experiences before rejoining John’s narrative, until finally tying up all of the converging threads in a satisfying and chilling conclusion.’ – Amazon Reader, Emergence.

‘Quickly found myself submersed in the story which for a simple premise is surprisingly intricate and is woven with very elaborate characters and settings. Dixon’s style of writing is wistfully descriptive and she really draws you into the scenario.’ – Amazon Reader, Emergence.

‘Made me laugh. Made be get a bit teary eyed then grabbed me by the balls and played with my head, great job girl.’ – Paperback Reader, Emergence.

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