Short Stories

Dempsey's DemonsDEMPSEY’S DEMONS

A short horror story of 4200 words.

When pregnant Dempsey kills her uncle, she’s shocked to say the least. It was a terrible accident. She’s perhaps more shocked about going into early labour, however.

As she battles through contraction pains and wonders what to do with Uncle Dorchester’s body, she’s filled with dread when she realises two of his mates, Ralfie and Jonesy, witnessed the whole incident.

Now for the sake of her baby, Dempsey prepares to do anything she can to get away with murder…

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A dark fiction tale of 1700 words.

Janie is a troubled young woman who struggles with her own past and future when she discovers that her mother has terminal cancer.

But what is the creeping presence that Janie’s so scared of? And can Nan’s red rug save her?

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A short horror story of 3600 words.

When Faye buys a new mattress from a backstreet bed shop, awful things she could never have imagined begin to emerge. Things that make her flesh crawl.

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