The Muse…

My second offering of 2021 is out now!

To save their ailing marriage, Cara and Mitch Lowe go to The Retreat; a remote holiday cottage in the Highlands. The Retreat, much like the couple, is not without its secrets. It appears there’s more space on the inside than the outside would suggest, and there are locks on every interior door.

A miscommunication with the online booking agent means the cottage’s owner, a reclusive artist known only as Quinn, is also on site – living in a cabin at the end of the garden.

Cara becomes obsessed with Quinn’s artwork, which decorates the walls in every room of the cottage. There’s something unfathomably macabre underlying the beauty of each piece. And soon the terrifying ghost of ‘Meredith’, the mysterious subject of most of these paintings, demands Cara’s attention.

But who is she? And what does she want Cara to know?

Grab a copy here and find out:


1 thought on “The Muse…

  1. Alan Toner

    I will definitely have to check this book out.

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