The Unfamiliar

My first ever anthology is now available!

The Unfamiliar & Other Stories is a collection of ten bite-sized tales of terror, most of which were written during the many lockdowns we endured during 2020.

I’ve always been fond of writing short stories, but in recent years they took a firm backseat to the novels I’ve worked on. My writing habits changed during the pandemic, however, and everything flipped on its head. Short stories made a welcome comeback.

Some of the tales in this collection are fun while others are more poignant and haunting. It was a project I thoroughly enjoyed putting together, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

During launch week the e-book version will be on promotion, so make sure to grab a copy.

Alternatively, if you fancy a compact, 65-page, matte finish paperback, those are also available.

E-BOOK: AMAZONNOOKKOBOAPPLE and most other e-book outlets.


Till next time, listen to your granny when she tells you to stay away from witches!

Rachael x

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