The Cundy: 12 Days to Go…

It’s March! Which means, it’s the month of The Cundy!

Yesterday I went on a field trip to where the book is based and took some photos.


Buried deep within the dene, this water conduit (known locally as the cundy) always inspired great feelings of excitement and dread when I was a kid. Returning to it as an adult it still managed to inspire a certain unease.


It’s like the Tardis of tunnels (way longer than you’d ever imagine it to be) and once you’re inside, the darkness completely consumes you. I was so disorientated halfway through, I had to use the torch on my phone to light the way – which, in turn, highlighted loads of spiders that looked like they’d been on steroids!

So if you’re at all arachnophobic then I’d suggest you don’t wander into the cundy.

And if you’re afraid of the dark, enter at your peril.


Me with the beast of the cundy! (aka my folks’ Bedlington terrier, Molly) 😀

2 thoughts on “The Cundy: 12 Days to Go…

  1. It does look like a spooky tunnel. Molly is so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She was more than happy larking about at the entrance, but once we went inside she couldn’t wait to get out at the other end, bless her 😀


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