#WIHMX Day 28 – R. H. Dixon

On the final day of Women in Horror Month I’m choosing myself because, hey, I need some love too! It’s a tough gig being an indie horror author.

One of my main strengths as a writer, so I’m told, is creating characters that resonate with my readers. I come from an ex-mining village in the northeast of England and I like to keep my characters as grounded and genuine as anyone you’d ever meet there. I like ordinary people in ordinary situations because, for me, that’s when the impact of any unfolding horror really strikes a chord.

My work is probably best described as psychological horror with underlying supernatural elements.

If you haven’t read any of my stuff already, please, go on, give me a whirl 🖤

And if you do enjoy my books, please share the love and tell all of your horror-loving friends and family. I don’t have the support of a big publishing house behind me for lavish marketing campaigns, so I really do rely on your word of mouth. Thank you!

My latest offering, The Cundy, will be launched in just two weeks (13th March) and my other three novels – Emergence, A Storytelling of Ravens & Cribbins – are all available on Amazon as ebooks (including Kindle Unlimited), paperbacks and hardbacks, and can be ordered into most bookstores as paperbacks and hardbacks.

I delight in what I fear - Shirley Jackson

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  1. Oh yes, absolutely name yourself! This 28-day tour was fun.:-)

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