#WIHMX Day 20 – The Craft

Today I’m choosing the film The Craft.

Released in 1996, it came out at a time in my teens when I was at the beginning of my goth phase and knew what it felt like to be a bit of an outcast. It was a film that really resonated with me, therefore I couldn’t not put it on the list.

The film follows four teenage girls who form their own coven. Each of them cast a spell to get whatever it is they most desire (power, wealth, revenge and beauty), but once they get what they want, the old adage ‘be careful what you wish for’ comes into play and things start falling apart.

Throughout the film the four teens learn valuable lessons from the situations they’ve set in motion. Basically, it’s a story that highlights the importance of being empathic and fair, and not letting power go to your head.

I delight in what I fear - Shirley Jackson

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