#WIHMX Day 13 – Katherine Clements

Today I’m choosing author Katherine Clements. I recently read her ghost story The Coffin Path and absolutely loved it. It’s set in Yorkshire in a dark and moody landscape with characters who are equally dark and moody.

The protagonist, Mercy, is a strong, independent woman who’s willing to defend what’s hers no matter what.

This was the sort of ghost story I’d been craving for ages! After a few chapters in, I just knew I was going to love it. The characters, the setting and the prose just spoke to me on some magical level and so far it’s my favourite read of 2019.


I sincerely hope Clements will give us more ghost stories!

I delight in what I fear - Shirley Jackson

2 thoughts on “#WIHMX Day 13 – Katherine Clements

  1. Peat bog, quick sand . . . all that suck-n-trap kind of stuff, scary! I’ll have to take a look at her book!

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    1. It’s excellent if you like a good gothic style ghost story. It’s set in the 1600s on a sheep farm. Very atmospheric!


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