#WIHMX Day 27 – Richie Tankersley Cusick

Today I’m choosing author Richie Tankersley Cusick. She wrote quite a few of the Point Horror books, which I devoured as a teen, including the very first one that I ever picked up and read – Trick or Treat. For that reason, she’ll always stick in my mind and have a special place in my … Continue reading #WIHMX Day 27 – Richie Tankersley Cusick

#WIHMX Day 26 – Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Today I’m choosing writer and humanist Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Her story The Yellow Wallpaper was a semi-biographical piece written when she was suffering from postnatal depression. The Yellow Wallpaper is a harrowing tale in which Gilman highlights the issue of mental health in a time when women experiencing depression were seen as being hysterical and … Continue reading #WIHMX Day 26 – Charlotte Perkins Gilman

#WIHMX Day 25 – Sarah Pinborough

Today I’m choosing author Sarah Pinborough specifically for her novel Mayhem which is a supernatural thriller set in the time when Jack the Ripper was on the prowl. As well as the fact that I do love a good Jack the Ripper mystery, Mayhem totally absorbed me into its setting of London’s gaslit streets and opium … Continue reading #WIHMX Day 25 – Sarah Pinborough

#WIHMX Day 19 – Mary Shelley

Today I’m choosing author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley who gave us Frankenstein. Shelley, an English writer who was born in 1797, came up with the idea for Frankenstein while holidaying in Lake Geneva with her husband Percy Shelley, her step-sister Claire Clairmont, Lord Byron (who’d had an affair with Claire Clairmont and got her pregnant) and … Continue reading #WIHMX Day 19 – Mary Shelley