Dark Impulses – Book Club Giveaway

For the next 12 days, in the run up to Halloween, I’ve teamed up with 12 other authors as part of a Book Club incentive that celebrates dark fiction in the theme of ‘Dark Impulses,’ and will be giving away Emergence for free. 

I know, FREE, that’s fucking crazy, right?

As a general rule, I don’t tend to give away my full length horror novels. Too much time and effort goes into them, and let’s face it, I need to earn a living too. So this offer will be something of a one-off.

Emergence was my debut horror novel, so if you aren’t yet familiar with my full length pieces, I’d suggest you start with this one. I’ve also created some extra reading material to enhance the reading experience. 

If you already do have a copy of Emergence, you can download the extra reading material HERE. Also that means, since you already have a copy of Emergence, you either bought it online or from me in person, so for that I want to say a massive THANK YOU for your support, I love you guys! 

If you do read and enjoy Emergence, can I ask that you please leave a review. I can’t express how important reviews are to an author. Especially an indie author. If a book has 50+ reviews, Amazon will be more likely to feature it in their newsletters and ‘Also Bought’ sections, giving the book more exposure and visibility. Even something as simple as ‘I liked it’ is enough, you don’t have to write an essay.

So anyway, yeah, if you’d like to explore some dark thoughts and urges this Halloween (and goodness knows John Gimmerick in Emergence has plenty), then check out this list of 13 books and feel free to share it with your friends, family members, colleagues and anyone you might meet in the street…


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