Launch Day: A Storytelling of Ravens

Finally, it’s launch day! Ravens spread its demon-black wings this morning and emerged from Whispering Woods to bring you a new installation of horror.

Inverted Raven Final Cover

Four people. Three secrets. One cabin. No way out.

British actress Callie Crossley is kidnapped and dumped outside a cabin at the edge of Whispering Woods. All she has is a scrawled message: DEAD TO ME; and two unexpected housemates: a former sitcom star (who looks like hell) and a girl in a wheelchair (who is full of hell).

When film producer Torbin Thurston, a man Callie knows personally, turns up at the cabin, Callie has no idea who she can trust anymore. She seems to be the only one who can hear strange whispering and it’s not long till she realises that there’s something dangerous lurking outside in the woods.

But are the rumours about Whispering Woods true? Do the trees really talk? And, for those listening, does what they say lead to blood-lust and madness?

One way or another, Callie must find a way out before she is consumed by the darkness of Whispering Woods.

Love a creepy, cabin in the woods story? Here’s where you can get a copy: AMAZON * KOBO * ALL OTHER E-BOOK SELLERS * PAPERBACK * HARDBACK




1 thought on “Launch Day: A Storytelling of Ravens

  1. Mandie Hines

    Congratulations! So glad to see the launch has finally arrived. 🙂


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