MS Breakthrough

It’s thought that British scientists have discovered a potential cause for multiple sclerosis – which is a pretty exciting breakthrough. Currently there is no cure for this autoimmune disease, in fact not much is known about why the body’s own immune system starts attacking the myelin sheath around the nervous system, damaging the brain and spinal cord and wreaking overall havoc. So fingers crossed this new discovery may lead to an eventual cure!

But why am I writing about this on a horror blog?

Because it’s MS Awareness Week and multiple sclerosis is a subject close to my own heart. Besides, there’s something inescapably more horrifying about waking up and finding that you can’t feel various body parts than it is to wake up and find a ghost sitting at the bottom of your bed. MS sort of belongs in horror.

#MSAwarenessWeek #MultipleSclerosis #FindACure #BeBoldInBlue

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