A Storytelling of Ravens

RavenI haven’t disclosed much information about the book I’m currently working on, so I thought I’d give you a little glimpse of what’s to come. I’ve been asked a few times if the next book will be some sort of follow-up to Emergence and the answer, in short, is no. A Storytelling of Ravens is set in northern England, but that’s about the only similarity it shares. It’s a dark tale of obsession and paranoia, where I’m keen to explore the dangers of the often fragile and easily corruptible human psyche. Here’s a brief summary:

British actress Callie Crossley wakes to find she’s been kidnapped and dumped outside a cabin at the edge of Whispering Woods. All she has to go by is a message that was left with her: DEAD TO ME, and two odd housemates: a former sitcom star (who looks like hell) and a girl in a wheelchair (who is full of hell).

When film producer Torbin Thurston, a man Callie knows personally, turns up at the cabin, the level of threat steps up a notch. Callie has no idea who she can trust. At night she hears whispering and suffers from nightmares where she’s lost in the woods. But are the rumours about Whispering Woods true? Do the trees really talk? And, for those listening, does what they say lead to blood-lust and madness?

Or is it all a prank taken too far?

One way or another, Callie must find a way out before she is consumed by the darkness of Whispering Woods.

I’m aiming for a late 2016/early 2017 release…all going well. There’ve been a few setbacks lately due to illness and house-moving, but hey I’m finally ready to get back on track and will be working furiously to make it happen!

And on that note, I’m off to crack on with chapter nineteen.

Till next time,


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