The Boy

I went to see The Boy last week at the cinema and was massively surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I sort of expected it to be fun, but cheesy as hell. As it was, I found that it had a decent plot and satisfying ending – and a couple of genuinely jumpy moments where popcorn flew from laps all around Screen 7. And, let’s face it, which horror fan doesn’t enjoy a film with a doll antagonist?

The Boy kept me guessing all the way through, and although I was on the verge of realising what was going on I didn’t quite get there in time for the grand finale. In hindsight I can see that there were lots of subtle clues dropped.

It was bizarre to see Jim Norton (aka Bishop Brennan) starring in this type of film, because I hadn’t seen him in anything outside of Father Ted. But once I got the ‘Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse’ episode out of my head, I was able to accept his more serious role in The Boy. Overall the cast did a good job but it was the setting (as well as the doll), for me, which made the film – I’m a real sucker for ‘haunted-house-out-in-the-sticks’ tales, and dolls in general give me the creeps. In fact I bloody hate dolls!

I’d definitely watch this one again, my only criticism is that the film wasn’t called Brahms, which I think would have lent it a more sinister tone. Never mind though.

Brahms, you won’t hurt me will you?


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