The Boy

I went to see The Boy last week at the cinema and was massively surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I sort of expected it to be fun, but cheesy as hell. As it was, I found that it had a decent plot and satisfying ending – and a couple of genuinely jumpy moments where popcorn flew from laps all around Screen 7. And, let’s face it, which horror fan doesn’t enjoy a film with a doll antagonist?

The Boy kept me guessing all the way through, and although I was on the verge of realising what was going on I didn’t quite get there in time for the grand finale. In hindsight I can see that there were lots of subtle clues dropped.

It was bizarre to see Jim Norton (aka Bishop Brennan) starring in this type of film, because I hadn’t seen him in anything outside of Father Ted. But once I got the ‘Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse’ episode out of my head, I was able to accept his more serious role in The Boy. Overall the cast did a good job but it was the setting (as well as the doll), for me, which made the film – I’m a real sucker for ‘haunted-house-out-in-the-sticks’ tales, and dolls in general give me the creeps. In fact I bloody hate dolls!

I’d definitely watch this one again, my only criticism is that the film wasn’t called Brahms, which I think would have lent it a more sinister tone. Never mind though.

Brahms, you won’t hurt me will you?


R. H. Dixon is a horror enthusiast who, when not escaping into the fantastical realms of fiction, lives in the northeast of England with her husband and two whippets. She is an active member of the Horror Writers Association.

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