Something Evil Has Awoken

Emergence revealed its horrible self to readers all around the world on Tuesday. It even managed to hit Amazon’s UK best-selling chart for British Horror (woo!)

The trepidation of waiting to see what people would think turned into a massive lung-exhaling time of relief. And excitement!

Here’s what some readers have been saying already:

‘haunting and absorbing horror debut from its author.’

‘If you are lover of the horror genre and are looking for an engrossing, hair-raising page-turner, then look no further.’

‘scary enough to make me want to flick the lights on to check every room before going to bed!’

‘a plot that tantalisingly evolves and keeps the reader guessing until its satisfying conclusion.’

‘put me in mind of early Stephen King’

I was totally gripped.’

Don’t have a copy yet? Well, here are the links:


Don’t see the link you need? Give me a shout and I’ll get it sorted for you.


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